Broncos Safety TJ Ward Suspended for Season Opener


In one of the worst days of Roger Goodell’s career as commissioner of the NFL, it’s being reported that safety TJ Ward has been suspended for the season-opening game against the Baltimore Ravens. Ward has already appealed the suspension, per reports, and is going to serve his time.

For Ward, this is an absolute joke. He obviously isn’t completely innocent in this situation, but the charges were dropped and this incident is from a year and a half ago. We’ve slandered Ward for this already a long time ago, and we’d all moved on.

Due to the fact that the charges were dropped, we thought the NFL had as well. We were all of us deceived.

The only way to put it at this point is that the NFL is corrupt in its governing system. In the grand scheme of things, one game is not anything but a slap on the wrist for Ward, but there is no way a case with dropped charges requires a suspension this season when it happened four months prior to the season opener in 2014.

If Ward were going to be suspended for a game, it could have been done a year ago.

Perhaps the NFL is trying to flex its muscles a bit, but the inconsistency with which they hand out suspensions and the fact that a repeated proven cheater just got away with it (yet again) is more proof that Roger Goodell is not doing his job overly well.

The Broncos will use a combination of David Bruton, Omar Bolden, and Josh Bush in Ward’s absence, so it’s not that big of a deal, but the Broncos’ defense is certainly stronger with him on the field.

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