Broncos preseason: LB Danny Trevathan set to make debut


Though the home debut of the Denver Broncos this preseason is going to be highly anticipated for a number of reasons, perhaps none stands out as much as the unveiling of the new and improved Danny Trevathan.

Trevathan missed most of the 2014 season with a couple of knee injuries, and has been easing his way back onto the field this offseason. The plan, per some reports, is that Trevathan would play around 20 snaps or so, which could be a quarter or so of play.

Considering the Broncos are sure to get all three-and-outs defensively, 20 snaps could be six series for Trevathan.

All joking aside, what’s exciting for the Broncos and us fans is getting to see Trevathan back on the field and not only that, but to see him on the field together with Brandon Marshall. Trevathan and Marshall have put together a couple of Pro Bowl caliber seasons — Marshall even receiving an All Pro vote last year — and have given fans some incredible excitement about the potential of having them together on the field at the same time.

Marshall replaced Trevathan last year at the WLB position, but has played some ILB as well and Trevathan can move around as well, but it’ll be really intriguing to see what Wade Phillips has up his sleeve for these guys being together on the field. For my money, I’d peg both Marshall and Trevathan as two of the best cover linebackers in the league, so Phillips won’t have to think twice about keeping them on the field on third down.

Trevathan isn’t letting his excitement show at this point, but the anticipation is mounting. He’s keeping his emotions in check.

“The emotions are going to show on game day,” Trevathan said. “Right now, I’m just preparing my mind. I’ve been doing this going on four years. I know what it takes and I know the mindset that you need to go out there and play at this level that we’re trying to compete at. It’s one thing to say it and it’s another thing to go out and do it. That’s why I don’t really talk too much. I’m really one of those shower guys. Come game time, I’m going to be ready.”

We’re interested to know what a ‘shower guy’ is.

Head coach Gary Kubiak also spoke about Trevathan’s return, and indicated he would be on a snap count Saturday night.

“Danny’s moving well out there. I’m going to put a play count on him. He’ll probably play around 20 plays like [ILB] Brandon [Marshall] did last week. I think Danny’s working toward opening day. Greek’s done a great job with him and Brandon, bringing them along the right way. I think we’re right on schedule.”

The bash brothers will be on the field together Saturday, giving Broncos fans a glimpse of what’s to come yet this season.

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