Broncos Camp: Kubiak says Ty Sambrailo has been ‘awesome’


In this era of transparency between sports and fans, it’s got to be tough for a rookie like Ty Sambrailo to come in after the injury to Ryan Clady and have to fill those shoes.

According to Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak, he’s taking to the starting role quite well.

If Kubiak has gone a day without getting asked about the young offensive line or Sambrailo in particular, I have yet to see it. People want answers, or perhaps reassurance, from the Broncos’ head coach about the most questionable area of the team. Sambrailo, a second round pick out of Colorado State, has been doing a phenomenal job thus far.

Kubiak addressed the progress of the young offensive line thus far at practice on Tuesday.

“I think it all depends on who the player is. With [T Ty] Sambrailo; Sambrailo mentally is great. He’s been awesome. That has not been a problem, so the speed of the game I think is the first thing that he has to catch up on with [OLB] Von [Miller] and [OLB] DeMarcus [Ware] on a regular basis.”

That’s quite an endorsement for a rookie tackle, but playing under the lights in Seattle will provide a different challenge entirely for Sambrailo. That will officially begin his rookie season against a new team, and he will perhaps be the most watched player on the team that night. Everyone is waiting to see what he can do in a game setting with the Broncos, and we’ll soon get that chance.

For Sambrailo to have gotten such a ringing endorsement from the coaches early on after Ryan Clady was injured had to be both humbling and motivating. Teams aren’t just handing out left tackle jobs every offseason, and Sambrailo wasn’t expected to play that role with the Broncos, despite coming out of college having played on the left side.

We’ll take Kubiak at his word that Sambrailo has been ‘awesome’ thus far and hopefully we’ll see it translate into the game setting on Friday.

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