Broncos Training Camp: Running Backs battling

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Denver Broncos training camp is finally upon us. We already took a look at the quarterback position, led by the legend himself — Brock Osweiler. Let’s continue our look at the roster with the running back position.

C.J. Anderson

Anderson, who became the Broncos’ lead running back last season by way of injuries to his teammates, is now a returning Pro Bowl player. The only way I can really describe how Anderson plays is tenaciously nasty. I don’t even know if that’s a real description at all, but it’s the way he plays.

Anderson’s 4th down run in a moment of desperation against the Colts (in what would eventually be a loss…) is probably still the most heart that was shown on a single play by any Broncos player last season.

His ability to run low, make quick cuts, and see the entire field are attributes that are going to get Anderson a ton of carries in Gary Kubiak’s offense, but luckily for him and the Broncos both, he isn’t alone back there. This is a position of great depth. Still, the fact remains that Anderson has earned the right to be the primary runner in an offense that will feature his skills perfectly.

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