NFL Draft 2015: Denver Broncos Select OT Ty Sambrailo


With the 59th pick in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos have selected


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The Broncos needed to address the offensive line with this selection, and they did. They got Sambrailo, who can play either left guard or right tackle right away. He has great feet, movement skills, and he’s a local product the Broncos really liked. This is not a spectacular pick, but a really solid one

NFL Mocks Scouting Report

“To me, Sambrailo projects more successfully as an NFL guard. His elite athleticism and propensity for pass blocking makes him a valuable all-around guard prospect. Given the right situation, Sambrailo could use his quickness to develop into an explosive run-blocker while becoming an anchor in passing situations. This position switch would also hide Sambrailo’s strength deficiency, as he’d likely get help from the center position when needed.

Overall, NFL teams are getting an NFL-ready offensive line prospect in Sambrailo. Given all the tape, he seems to be a player who is a quick learner and adjusts quickly. Another plus is that Sambrailo seems to be a role model off the field—something NFL teams need badly these days.”