CSU QB Garrett Grayson a Perfect Fit For Broncos

Replacing Peyton Manning, for the Denver Broncos, is one of the most dreaded topics among fans and I would venture to say among the team’s front office as well, led by GM John Elway.

What in the world are the Broncos going to do when Manning is gone?

Will it be Brock Osweiler, who has been developing in the Mike McCoy/Adam Gase offense the last three years? Will he be a fit for the new offense being installed by Gary Kubiak to the point that the Broncos decide to re-sign him without seeing much meaningful regular season game tape?

That’s the situation they are currently in, unless they feel they can make it through another season with Zac Dysert on the practice squad. If Dysert does well this coming offseason and pre-season, there’s a decent chance he’ll get picked up by another team, and the Broncos will be back to square one as soon as 2016.

What if Osweiler decides to move on from Denver? What if Dysert gets picked up by another team?

What happens when Peyton Manning is gone?

The Broncos made a somewhat odd decision in 2012 to use a premiere draft pick (2nd round) on a rebuilding team to take a young quarterback after they’d just signed Peyton Manning to a five-year deal. Manning’s goal with the Broncos was undoubtedly to have already won a Super Bowl at this point, and the Broncos had obviously an optimal chance in 2013/14 when they were smoked by the Seahawks in the big game.

Denver didn’t ‘expect’ to not win a Super Bowl by that point. They had expected to win one, and my guess is, Peyton Manning would have happily rode off into the Rocky Mountain sunset at this point with a trophy in hand, another ring on his finger, and his mind at peace about leaving the game.

But that’s just not the case for the Broncos. They face a tough situation with Manning (likely) leaving after this season and possibly Osweiler as well. If that happens, they probably aren’t going to want to go into the 2016 season with a rookie starting, so that likely would mean the Broncos will be in the market for a veteran QB next year or they can draft someone this year to learn the offense and get himself acclimated to Denver.

Not to mention, learning behind Peyton Manning.

That guy just might be Garrett Grayson, if I can finally reach the topic of my headline. Grayson is an absolute stud out of Colorado State that is flying under the shadow of Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. He’s got the ability to eventually be the top QB in this draft, and has a huge advantage coming from a pr0-style offense with Jim McElwain and the Colorado State Rams.

Grayson wears the number 18 as an homage to Manning, who could possibly be his future teammate, and there’s been reports the Broncos have shown the most interest in Grayson of any NFL team this offseason.

John Elway is no stranger to finding guys he likes at the QB position. The Broncos haven’t drafted one in two years (Dysert) but prior to that, they had spent a pick on a QB in three out of four drafts. If Peyton Manning hadn’t come along, who knows where the Broncos would be right now…

But I think there’s a lot of validity to the Grayson rumors. The Broncos showed interest back in January, and then attended his Pro Day again in March. Connecting the dots, you could probably safely assume that they’ve used a local visit on Grayson, and brought him in for extensive interviews and medical evaluations. Now, I don’t know that for fact, so don’t quote me on it, but if a team is serious about adding a player, that typically happens.

It’s possible that the Broncos did NOT bring Grayson in to try and put a veil over their interest, but nobody really knows.

What I love about Grayson is the fact that he is already well-versed in a professional offense and while the transition to the NFL would still be huge coming from Colorado State, he has the opportunity — in my opinion — to wind up being the best QB from this draft.

And the Broncos would have a chance to get him in the second round.

Watching Grayson on ‘Gruden’s QB Camp’ it’s tough not to like the guy. He seems like a really smart, hard worker, and a player that can command a huddle and meeting room. He picks up on things quickly and is impressive physically.

I understand the Broncos have plenty of needs elsewhere on the roster, but in the NFL, QB is king. If you find a guy you like, you have to take him and if the Broncos like Grayson, it’s no different. They have to take him if they feel like he can be the answer after Peyton Manning.

Maybe they’re still confident in Osweiler. Who knows? If they are, they should try to re-sign him. If not, they could trade Osweiler on draft weekend and take Grayson to replace him behind Manning.

There are plenty of options for the Broncos now and in the future, but Grayson is a really good player who is coming from Colorado State, a player that would be greatly embraced by the fan base on Denver.

He’d have a shot to compete for starting duties as early as 2016, and his ability to absorb an offense would help with that.

I’d love to see the Broncos add Grayson, even if it means using a 2nd round pick on him.

You just never know when you’re going to get your future franchise QB, and the Broncos have to pull the trigger if they feel Garrett Grayson can be it.