Broncos Draft Reports: La’el Collins and T.J. Clemmings

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Both of these tackles are players that would fit well on the Broncos. They are strong guys that, while they need some technical work in different areas, have the potential to protect the quarterback. They’re also athletic enough to thrive as zone blockers. And both guys have a habit of finishing off their blocks and playing through the whistle.

If I had to pick between the two, I would pick Collins, who will probably end up going higher and potentially before the Broncos pick at 28. With Clemmings only having played two years at his position, he’s probably not going to be moved to the left side – which isn’t a bad thing, it just is what it is.

With Collins, he’s proven at left tackle. I think he has the proper agility to mirror inside stunts and blitzes. Some will say he’ll have problems against speed rushes on the left side, but that didn’t show up once in the three games I watched, one of which included matchups against Florida’s Dante Fowler.

Collins may also have shorter arms than desired for a tackle, but he utilizes every inch to create separation. A lot of times when he got his hands on his man, it was over and they knew it.

As it stands right now, Collins probably gets picked before pick 28 and I think there’s more of a chance Clemmings is still on the board by the Denver has to make their first round selection. But a lot can change in the next month. Both are players I think would be able to come in and help the Broncos offensive line in a hurry.

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