Broncos Draft Reports: La’el Collins and T.J. Clemmings

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T.J. Clemmings (6’5 309), Pittsburgh

Games Evaluated: @ Virginia, Duke, @ Miami (FL)

Run Technique- Has quick hips to roll under his body to secure blocks. However, he needs to be conscious to flip them more consistently.

Hands- Provides a good punch and shows this especially at the second level. Has a tendency to place his hands on the outside but has shown the ability to fight them back inside.

Extension- Takes pride in getting his arms extended, even if they start out bent.

Feet- Has quick feet, but it doesn’t show as much in his kick step. He either doesn’t have the leg drive (had a great broad jump at the combine) or he doesn’t trust himself. Has a wide base that helps his cause. Can get better on the edge. Sometimes has trouble mirroring inside moves because of lack of lateral agility.

Fluidity- Hips are a little tight, resulting in him being high and losing leverage at times.

Strength- Has great upper body strength. Occasionally gets torqued back but has a strong enough core to stay balanced. Has the arm strength to get proper extension even when they start out bent.

Effort/Toughness- Obliterates smaller opponents and finishes guys off by getting them to the ground and then diving on top of them.

Instincts- Makes sure first level blocks are secure before he gets to the second level. Also shows awareness when handling stunts and blitzes.

Balance- Flashes great body control. Will lunge at times, compromising his base and balance.

Athleticism- Showed great movement when asked to go out for screens and getting to the second level.

OVERVIEW: Clemmings has only played two years on offense at the tackle position, but he has showed a lot of promise. He looks the part just by his body type. He’s also a great athlete that performs well on the move. The two things he needs to work on most are being more consistent is his leverage and hand placement. Both are important to improve for him to be successful, as they compromise his size. If he can, he’ll be an exceptional right tackle.

THREE WORDS: Length, inconsistent, potential

PROJECTION: Late 1st round