The NFL Screwed Up The Broncos Compensatory Picks


You had one job.

According to a report from Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the NFL has admitted an error in calculating compensatory picks this year, and of course the Broncos were part of it.

After initially receiving a sixth round selection as a compensatory pick, the Broncos will now receive an additional seventh rounder. This doesn’t change the fact that they will receive four overall (in compensatory picks) but it does drop the Broncos over 40 picks down in the draft where they initially thought they’d be picking in the sixth.

Many people will be upset, many will say they don’t care, and others might not even be aware that the Draft has more than five rounds.

Who knows?

Either way, the silver lining from this is that the Broncos at least still have 10 draft picks and three of them will be in a row at the very time of the draft when most people tune out and stop caring.

The best part about it is, the Broncos have to make the picks, and can’t trade them away.

Therefore, they will be making three future NFL players’ days when they call them up in the early evening on that Saturday of the draft, and it’ll be a joyous time for all.

As meaningless as this error seems, it does alter the Broncos’ plans a bit, but doesn’t change the fact that whatever players are selected, they need to make sure they hit on the picks given to them. These three picks at the bottom of the seventh round are not exempt from expectations, but they should be tempered a bit. The biggest impact this year will come from guys the Broncos pick in the top 100.

Perhaps the best part about all this from the fans’ perspective is, the Broncos will go from adding three guys as draft picks to getting players on the phone as undrafted free agents almost immediately after that. Teams start calling players maybe in the fifth or sixth round and  telling them they want to draft them or pick them up, so as to plant a seed in their mind that that’s the situation they want to be in.

Having three picks in the seventh round, the Broncos might make some prospects mad if they call them and say they want them, only to try and later get them as undrafted free agents.

I don’t think I can over-analyze this anymore.

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