Report: Broncos Wanted QB Tyrod Taylor from Ravens


According to a report from ESPN’s Mike Rodak, the Denver Broncos were seriously interested in quarterback Tyrod Taylor, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens.

Wait. What?

“Taylor signed a three-year deal that could void to a two-year deal and earn Taylor as much as $7 million over those two years if he emerges as the Bills’ starter, a source said.

The Denver Broncos offered Taylor a richer deal, the source said, but he decided to sign with the Bills instead. Taylor’s contract with the Bills includes $1.2 million in guaranteed money.”

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It’s not a huge deal that the Broncos made an offer to a quarterback on the free agent market. What is interesting is the quarterback they chose to pursue. Tyrod Taylor, of all the former Kubiak prodigies that are out there right now (or were) certainly has the most long-term upside.

When I’ve seen Taylor play, and I know I’m not alone in this, I’ve seen a guy with starter potential. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see him wind up starting for the Buffalo Bills sooner rather than later, even though the Bills have former first round pick E.J. Manuel and veteran Matt Cassel already on the roster.

Taylor has an intriguing talent combination with his arm and speed, and has been developing in Baltimore the last few years behind Joe Flacco.

But what does this mean for the Broncos? Are they not sure about Brock Osweiler? Are they trying to upgrade over Zac Dysert?

Does Gary Kubiak feel ‘his guy’ for the long term is not currently on the roster?

These are all valid questions and it makes sense that the Broncos would want a contingency plan in place. Taylor is a guy who has been in the league for a few years now, so it wouldn’t be like throwing a rookie to the wolves if Peyton Manning were to get injured or next season if and when he decides to retire.

The Broncos also are fully aware that Brock Osweiler’s rookie contract expires after this season.

What is their long term plan?

The attempt to sign Taylor seems to indicate, at least a little bit, that the long term plans do not include Brock Osweiler, or at least that’s what they assume.

Clearly, though, the Broncos wanted Tyrod Taylor, but it came with the contingency that he would be a backup for at least one more year. He wasn’t willing to do that at this point in time, even though the Broncos offered him the opportunity to make more than the Bills, which could pay out $7 million over the course of three years. If the Broncos had offered him 8 or $9 million over three years, I wouldn’t be shocked in the least.

This is a really interesting report, and one that bears monitoring as the offseason progresses especially as it pertains to the Broncos and their interest in quarterbacks in this year’s draft.

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