Broncos Letting Free Agency Market Set Up


As the soft launch of NFL Free Agency kicked off on Saturday at noon, the Denver Broncos got to work…we assume.

The Broncos have maintained all along, specifically from the mouth of John Elway, that they would let the Free Agency market set itself up before they made moves, even on their own players.

As it was reported on Saturday, the Broncos have been trying to get a deal done with tight end Virgil Green, who is testing out the market himself and finding plenty of interest from other teams, and currently sitting on an offer from Elway and the Broncos.

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Things were pretty busy for a soft launch of the free agent festivities on Saturday, including the re-signing of a variety of big names or star players around the league. Most notably, wide receiver Randall Cobb took nearly $2 million less per season than he could have otherwise gotten on the open market to stay with the Green Bay Packers.

As it pertains to the Broncos, top right tackle target Derek Newton (Houston) re-signed with the Texans for five years, over $25 million. Doug Free re-signed with the Dallas Cowboys as well, meaning two of the top right tackles are not only off the board, but they are setting the bar for where other players at that position might get paid annually.

Specifically, Packers offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga could be in line to cash in when the new league year officially gets started on Tuesday afternoon, and that could mean the Broncos will have to look to their roster for next year’s starting right tackle or possibly the 2015 NFL Draft class.

It’s not that the Broncos can’t afford to pay Bulaga the 7- to $8 million he seeks annually on a contract, but they have too many other needs to do so.

Now, all of that said, we all thought (or many of us did) that the Broncos were not in any position last offseason to be as active as they were either, and they ended up signing four players that made the Pro Bowl.

You just never know.

But for the Broncos this offseason, we’re going to really see how creative John Elway can be, because he’s not got limited needs. The Broncos have plenty, and he knows it.