Free Agent James Casey Leaves Denver Without a Contract


Free Agent tight end/fullback James Casey visited the Denver Broncos despite some problems with the weather on Thursday, and reportedly left without a contract in hand.

Casey is really in demand after being released by Chip Kelly and the Eagles, so apparently the Broncos aren’t the only team looking to add a player with his versatility and skills. He is going to be 31 this season, but as inexpensive as he’s expected to come, there could be a bit of an unexpected bidding war for Casey’s services.

He wasn’t utilized heavily as a receiver with the Eagles, but he was a phenomenal run blocker as a tight end and also did a great job on the Eagles’ special teams, one of the best units in the NFL last season.

The Eagles signed him to be the kind of pass catcher that people expected he could be, but they also had Brent Celek and drafted Zach Ertz, so Casey was buried behind a number of guys in line to receive touches. They might have even called it ‘mutually parting ways.’

For the Broncos, Casey would be a no-brainer pickup. He was drafted by the Houston Texans in 2009 when Gary Kubiak was the head coach, so he knows the offense the Broncos are about to run. The Broncos are also one of the teams looking at him at least in terms of the visits he’s made or will make that has a realistic shot at the Super Bowl this year.

Casey’s connection to the Broncos in addition to their need for a fullback in this offense are huge, but his excellence as a special teams player is something that I’m really sold on. The Broncos were terrible (in my opinion) on special teams last year.

Let’s hope he leaves these other visits without contracts as well.