Broncos Draft Reports: Maxx Williams vs. Clive Walford

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Clive Walford (6’4 251), Miami (FL)

2014 stats: 44 receptions, 676 yards, 7 TDs

Games evaluated: @ Georgia Tech, Florida State, @ Virginia, @ Nebraska

Route Running- Is a very upright player and it shows with his route running. Feet aren’t entirely quick, but he has excellent subtleness in his breaks and explosion off his feet, which make up for it. Puts some veers into his routes to throw off his man. Could get a bit crisper on his breaks.

Hands- Can catch the ball away from his body and over his head at awkward angles. Can absorb blows right after making the grab.

Speed- Comes off the line pretty well and picks up speed as he goes. Had a big run vs. Florida State while outrunning some bigger defensive backs.

YAC- Isn’t an agile freak, but has some suddenness in his moves that he’s used to shake many opponents and has a high motor to keep going forward. Has pretty good speed to break away from the front seven.

Fluidity- Tight-hipped and plays upright in most areas of his game. Can still turn and reach for and secure the ball while moving forward.

Ball Skills- Didn’t see him have many deep ball opportunities for over the shoulder or high-point catches. The one time I did see him have an over-the-shoulder chance, he didn’t put much fight up for a poorly thrown pass and it was picked off.

Blocking- Gets decent pad level and shows sustainability. Flashes the ability to drive guys and gives the effort you want. Will go to the second level after a chip. Can’t get his hips flipped as much as you would like; him having somewhat slow feet is probably a factor. Keeps his legs driving. Is always looking for someone to block.

Toughness- Contact isn’t an issue for him at all. Finished off multiple blocks.

OVERVIEW: Walford is a guy that plays with a chip on his shoulder and it shows in his blocking and receiving. He can be a mean blocker if coached well; has already showed flashes of it. He can be a great blocker if he can get the technically consistent. As a receiver, he’s not the most fluid guy, but the pop he gets off his feet and the subtleness of his moves makes him a surprising playmaker. All of this at his size makes him an excellent choice as an inline or joker tight end.

THREE WORDS: Mean, sudden, moldable

PROJECTION: 2nd round