Broncos Draft Reports: Maxx Williams vs. Clive Walford

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Maxx Williams (6’4 249), Minnesota

2014 stats: 36 receptions, 569 yards, 8 TDs

Games evaluated: @ Michigan, Iowa, Missouri

Route Running- Has the vision to sift through the defense as an inline TE to create separation. Has trouble creating separation against press coverage on the outside; willing to be physical but doesn’t have burst off the line of scrimmage. Puts some deception in his routes but doesn’t show quick cutting ability. Shows unnecessary steps in his breaks.

Hands- Has a big catch radius with or without defenders around him. Uses his hands in almost every situation.

Speed- Doesn’t have much acceleration or blow off the line. Has good speed when he gets going.

YAC- Has decent speed but not much agility or elusiveness to shake defenders after the catch. However, he can scrape off tacklers using his balance and supreme effort. Has shown the ability to hurdle over low defenders.

Fluidity- Has very tight hips, which limits his wiggle in space.

Ball Skills- Great tracker of deep passes and has the body control to go with it. Will extend for any ball in his area and has the ability and athleticism to come down with many of them. Aware of where he’s at on the field in regards to keeping his feet in bounds.

Blocking- Is willing to block down field and will look for unoccupied defenders and put a hat on them. Overall needs to get stronger; can’t drive guys off the ball with any consistency. Flashes the ability to flip his hips and seal off a lane. Waste-bender. Able to break down in space when he’s asked to pull or block at the second level.

Toughness- Pretty much has no regard for his body. Will go all out for any catch around any defender by any means necessary. Very willing blocker and will finish guys off if he’s able too.

OVERVIEW: Williams is an athletic freak with big play ability. He won’t have to wonder if he caught teams’ attention or not. He lives for making the tough catches and being a reliable go-to receiver. He does have some things to work on and some weakness that will burn him in the NFL. He’s not overly quick or flexible. His routes need a lot of refinement in terms of selling. He also needs to get stronger to be a stouter blocker, though he’s willing in this area.

THREE WORDS: Reliable, big-play, stiff

PROJECTION: Early 2nd round