The NFL Combine has started, new coaches ha..."/>         The NFL Combine has started, new coaches ha..."/>

You Might Be a Die-hard Denver Bronco Fan if…. Part 2.2


The NFL Combine has started, new coaches have finalized their coaching staffs, the buzz about free-agent projections has started, Denver Bronco season ticket invoices for next season have been received, and Bronco fans anxiously await the decision from Peyton Manning and/or the decision from the Denver Broncos regarding #18’s status next season.  All these items are tell-tell signs that the offseason is progressing rapidly, thank goodness.  Because when the offseason ends, then it time for another season of Bronco football.  If you so choose, in an effort to get through the offseason, please continue reading for a few of my light-hearted signs that tell people I really am a die-hard Bronco fan…..

– Employee in your team indicates he was going to wear a red shirt to work but didn’t want to take heat all day from his supervisor (me) due to the color of his shirt.  As this item, as well as the next item indicates, I am not a huge fan of the color red only because it is the primary color of that one pro football team in the region of the United States where I currently live.  This team, which I will not mention by name in this post, is in the AFC West and faces the Broncos two times each season.  Needless to say, being a die-hard Bronco fan around this teams fan base is very difficult and has led to my extreme dislike for the color red.  Lastly, the best thing about red is that when you mix it with yellow, you get ORANGE!

– Employee in your team signs up to bring cups for the pre-Memorial Day cookout at work and chooses the blue Solo cups instead of the red cups because he knows he will hear from you about bringing red cups.  To this day, I ask myself “why would you even consider purchasing red cups when orange or blue cups are available?”

– As your son gets older and becomes more interested in the opposite sex, your only prerequisite is that all females that have the potential to be “more than friends”, must be Bronco fans!

– You rearrange Bronco cups at local grocery store every time you visit to ensure only Bronco cups are visible or “on top”!

– You comment that the ORANGE cone placed at work to alert employees of raised concrete is so much more effective because of the color!

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