Broncos Have Combine Meeting Set Up With TE Maxx Williams


Julius Thomas is probably leaving the Denver Broncos. The Broncos’ top three tight ends from a year ago — including Orange Julius — are all free agents this offseason. So guess what?

The Broncos are probably taking a tight end in the draft.

Take it to the bank, cash it in, call it good, whatever you have to do — come to grips with the fact that four years after drafting Julius and Virgil Green, the Broncos could lose both and will almost certainly lose one, making what was once the deepest position on the team arguably the biggest question mark.

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Enter this year’s NFL Draft prospects, led by Maxx Williams of Minnesota and Clive Walford of Miami. The Broncos, reportedly, will have interviews with both players for their job opening, and as we slowly assemble our big boards in preparations for the draft, these two players are at the top of the list.

Right now, I rank Walford ahead of Williams, but there’s time for the film to convince me otherwise. Some feel like Williams is a Todd Heap or Jason Witten type. In the report, Walford is compared to Greg Olsen, but he’s much more advanced as a blocker at this point (in my humble opinion).

Whatever your preference, these two pass catchers can flat out ball, and the Broncos are going to start covering their bases with the thought that one or both might be there when the 28th overall pick rolls around.

Peyton Manning — or whoever is the quarterback — is going to need a good tight end or two to throw the football to, and if there’s one thing that’s been discussed here at Predominantly Orange more than any other topic of late, it’s the tight end situation for the Broncos, how to address it, what to do about Julius Thomas’ father, and what players are available on the open market that might come cheaper than JT.

Cheaper options include drafting one or both of Williams and Walford, who each have a unique skill set. There were concerns from Walford that he doesn’t always jump out on tape. I have seen enough of him to know I think he’s a first round player. Maxx Williams isn’t polished but he can make some freakishly athletic plays and is only scratching the surface of his potential.

Both guys are big with strong hands, and would immediately step into Denver with a significant role, depending on what the team does in free agency.