Denver Broncos Offseason Top Areas Of Need

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Defense top Needs

1. Defensive Tackle

The Broncos are deep on the defensive line with talent, and the addition of Bill Kollar means they are going to be AOK either way, but we took a look at the top defensive linemen on the market anyway, including some guy named Ndamukong Suh

The best option for the Broncos is to find a way to re-sign Terrance Knighton at a hometown discount, which he is apparently open to. If Knighton chooses to leave Denver and perhaps follow Jack Del Rio to Oakland, then the Broncos need a tough run stopping tackle to at least rotate at the nose with Sylvester Williams.

The best defensive player on the market is Suh, but his teammate Nick Fairley isn’t far behind and some more  traditional nose tackles like Dan Williams are also available. Signing Knighton would be great, but the Broncos could upgrade if they want to spend the cash, or they could spend similar money and get a younger option in Williams, who was a fan favorite back in 2010 when he was drafted by the Cardinals.

2. Safety

Rahim Moore is a free agent, and I’m not sure he’ll be back with the weak safety class of free agents and the fact that he might be one of the best (and set to cash in). If last year is any indication, the Broncos can find a way to get a bargain on the open market with a great player who can be a key piece of the defense for awhile like they did with T.J. Ward.

Undoubtedly, the best safety on the market is Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots, who would be the dream addition as a Pro Bowl corner and safety with the Pats. We took a look at the top safeties out there and how each could fit in with the Broncos.

The ideal scenario would be to draft someone who could step in and play at a Pro Bowl level right away, but that’s not always the case. For two straight seasons, John Elway has stolen a Pro Bowler away from the Patriots (Wes Welker, Aqib Talib) and this year could be his third (McCourty).

3. Inside Linebacker

Nate Irving is a free agent, and the Broncos need a two-down run thumper and enforcer in the middle of their defense. We made a list of the top inside linebackers that are available this offseason, and determined the best possible addition out there is Dallas’ Rolando McClain, another former Broncos draft target who flamed out of the NFL, got into some legal trouble, retired twice, and ended up as a top 10 linebacker in the league this past season at the ILB position.

In addition to McClain, the other option is Brandon Spikes, who is a tough as nails defender that would actually be a really exciting addition. Adding Spikes would give the Broncos a huge boost up the middle on running downs and allow them to sub in Danny Trevathan and Brandon Marshall on passing downs.

It would be a thing of beauty to add either McClain or Spikes, but the dream situation here is for a player that is not yet expected to be available…

If Patrick Willis is made available by the 49ers as some have opined, it would be an absolutely incredible addition for the Broncos. He would become the heart and soul of that side of the ball and elevate everyone’s game significantly. I can’t say enough about how huge that would be, but let’s settle down for a bit.

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