Kayvon Webster to Replace Rahim Moore at FS for Broncos?


With free agency only about a month away, the Denver Broncos are likely getting ready for the final stretch of offseason preparations, and building the team for the future. One position in question is the free safety spot, which has most recently been held by Rahim Moore, a former second round draft pick out of UCLA that was part of John Elway’s first draft class with the Broncos.

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Moore appeared, despite a humongous gaffe in the 2012 playoffs, to be on his way to a fine career as a safety. He was pegged as a ball-hawk coming out of college but graded out as one of the top tackling safeties in 2012 as a second year player by Pro Football Focus.

Then the Ravens game happened.

Moore enjoyed a nice start to the 2013 season, one of redemption for him, until a rare condition in his leg caused him to miss the remainder of the season and nearly lose his leg entirely. It was a scary situation, but Moore was able to catch it in time to have surgery, get himself back into football playing shape miraculously, and start for the Broncos for the entire 2014 season.

Moore graded out by Pro Football Focus metrics as extremely average — ranked in the mid-40s this season — but is considered the second best overall safety on the free agent market according to Evan Silva of Rotoworld.com, just behind New England’s Devin McCourty.

Rumor has it, per Brandon Spano, that Rahim Moore is on his way out of Denver unless he takes a significant hometown discount, and that’s apparently not something he’s prepared to do. Moore should have plenty of options in a weak market, and if I may for a minute explore those options, I’d say Moore has a more than decent chance of getting solid money from either the Raiders or Bears, where he would follow Jack Del Rio or John Fox respectively.

The Broncos have plenty of in-house free agents to re-sign, but Spano is likely right — unless Moore decides he is willing to take a significant discount to stay, he has likely played his last with the Denver Broncos.

That means that the Broncos are going to have to dive into free agency or the draft to find a replacement…or does it?

According to Spano’s sources within the team, the player could come from within in the form of cornerback Kayvon Webster, who is talented but is playing behind Chris Harris Jr., Aqib Talib (each played in the Pro Bowl), and first round pick Bradley Roby. Webster showed promise in his 2013 rookie season after being hindered by a messed up thumb, but his presence would give the Broncos a more physical player back at the safety position than Moore, and it would be interesting to see him compete at that spot.

Nothing is for certain, but it looks and sounds like Rahim Moore might be out, and Kayvon Webster might be in as the free safety of the Denver Broncos. We shall soon see.