No Super Bowl for this Denver Bronco Fan


Jan 30, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; General view of the Vince Lombardi Trophy and helmets for the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots during a press conference for Super Bowl XLIX at Phoenix Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As far back as I can remember, Super Bowl Sunday was exactly that – Super with a capital “S”.  Not this year!  I have made the extremely difficult decision to not watch this year’s game that will crown an NFL champion.  For my reasoning behind this decision I may regret, please continue reading.

Like many die-hard Denver Bronco fans, I am still bitter and disappointed about the 24-13 season ending loss to the Indianapolis Colts three weeks ago.  The Super Bowl would possibly bring up feelings and emotions that I have been trying to squash since the game against the Colts.  Basically, the NFL season ended for me when the divisional playoff game in Denver came to an end.

Obviously, the Broncos haven’t made every Super Bowl and I have watched because it is THE Super Bowl (still believe it should be a national holiday even if you choose not to participate).  There has always a team participating in the big game that I could cheer for a few hours in late January or early February, be it the AFC representative, the underdog, the quarterback/coach/team who had never won, etc, etc.  The list could go on and on but hopefully you get the point.

This year is different; I have tried to find one of the teams I would like to see win the Super Bowl and just can’t do it.  I can’t go with the Seattle Seahawks because I am still upset about Super Bowl XLVIII and how the team from the great northwest utterly dismantled the Broncos – why would I want them to win a Super Bowl ever again.

If you are truly a die-hard Denver Bronco fan – not a casual fan but the type of fan that bleeds orange and blue – there is absolutely no way you can watch Super Bowl XLIX and hope the New England Patriots get another Super Bowl victory.  If you claim to be a die-hard Bronco fan and want the Patriots to win I am telling you right now to gather up every Bronco item you own, box it up and give it to someone else because you’re not as die-hard as you think!  I am not saying the Patriots are bad; quite the contrary, they have proven to be good enough to get to the Super Bowl consistently, but they are a nemesis to the Broncos organization and I want them to, need them to, experience defeat every chance they take the field.  I don’t buy into the “but they’re representing the AFC” argument – as far as I’m concerned when it comes to the NFL, there is one important team, the Broncos, and thirty-one teams all ranked in the thirty-second position.  Conferences and divisions were just created to determine the schedule and a process for seeding the teams for the real season – the playoffs.

So, if you backed me into a corner and forced me to pick a winner I would have to go with the Seahawks.  Not only would I likely pick the Seahawks, but I would hope it would be a blowout as bad, if not worse than last year’s Super Bowl.  Why, you ask?  I know how heartbroken and angry I was last year when the Broncos were blown out so it kind of makes my heart melt a little when I think of Patriot fans experiencing those same emotions.  If that happens, we would probably see less highlights (or low lights) from Super Bowl XLVIII because there would be fresh ones… and it would include the Patriots.  I could even live with another Seahawks blowout and the buzz about them becoming a dynasty while taking down two AFC powerhouses in two years on the biggest stage only because one of those teams would be the Patriots!  That is my wish, probably won’t happen, but it really doesn’t matter because I will not be watching.

Whatever the score, I am hoping for a certain set of numbers in the score at the end of each quarter (wink, wink)…. if that happens I will have a little extra money to apply to my 2015 Denver Bronco season tickets, which are unfortunately increasing in price!

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