NFL Mock Draft: Broncos Take OT in Latest Predictions


The Denver Broncos are sadly not in the Super Bowl, which means it’s time for offseason projections, preparations, and if you’re into it, mock drafts. Mocks aren’t for everyone, but if anything, it’s a way to get informed about some of the prospects available in this year’s crop coming into the league, and the Broncos could potentially have 10 draft picks to work with.

In the latest mock draft on, Josh Sanchez has the Broncos picking up a new big man for their offensive line.

The interesting thing about Clemmings right now is, it seems no one really knows quite where to project him. I did a mock draft over at with our staff over there this past week, and staff writer Chris Dougherty took Clemmings as mock GM for the Jacksonville Jaguars with the third overall pick. He thinks very highly of Clemmings as a future All-Pro at the right tackle position for the next decade plus.

Some people think the former defensive lineman is too raw at this point to really peg him at a certain position in the draft, but in the later portion of the first round, he seems like a really solid value for the Broncos. As Sanchez noted, Clemmings would provide the Broncos an upgrade at arguably their biggest area of need right now.

The team did draft Michigan’s Michael Schofield in the third round this past year, hopefully not just to ride the pine, but there was speculation when he was drafted that he could play left guard as well, and if Orlando Franklin leaves in free agency, the Broncos will certainly have to consider him there as well.

The book on Clemmings right now is, he has all the tools you look for in a tackle prospect, but he has yet to quite put it all together. That’s okay if the Broncos are willing to be patient and let him take his lumps along the way, but if they don’t view him as a plug-and-play starter, they might have to go with some more experience with this pick. If they feel Clemmings can play right away, this would be an excellent choice.