Broncos Sending Heavy Hitters to Gary Kubiak’s Home


The Denver Broncos are likely going to make Gary Kubiak their next head coach, something that became virtual fact when Adam Schefter dropped an A-bomb on us all Sunday morning.

Kubiak has been an obvious choice from the start, and the fact that the Broncos interviewed only Adam Gase and Vance Joseph is an indication that Elway has always intended on Kubiak being the guy. I heard former Buccaneers GM Mark Domenik on ESPN radio this past Wednesday night talking about how every GM in the league has a list of 10 guys they think could be their next head coach in the event that something would happen where they would need to reference it. The Broncos and John Elway felt it was time to do so, and rightfully so.

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John Fox’s career with the Broncos was a very good one in terms of regular season wins and losses but in the playoffs, the Broncos departed looking unprepared and unmotivated. That, at least to me, is a direct reflection on the coaching.

With Kubiak likely in the fold and an announcement and hiring merely a formality at this point, the Broncos can move forward and assemble a staff the upcoming week. Kubiak worked with Vance Joseph, who interviewed for the head coaching position over the weekend, in Houston with the Texans.

Joseph is a defensive backs coach who is considered an excellent up-and-coming prospect in the coaching world, and he could have the inside track at the defensive coordinator position with the Broncos. Kubiak is also said to likely be bringing some of his Ravens staff along with him to the Broncos, including Rick Dennison who was a Broncos assistant and most recently was the quarterbacks coach for the Ravens.

At any rate, the Broncos sent a contingent to Kubiak’s home in Houston that clearly means business. Along with John Elway were Joe Ellis, Tom Heckert, and Matt Russell. Ellis is the Broncos’ CEO and Team President, and Heckert and Russell are both in Elway’s inner circle when it comes to building this team. Clearly, the Broncos are making a serious push to get Kubiak’s deal done soon, but don’t expect a formal announcement until Tuesday at the earliest — and possibly the latest.