Denver Broncos 2015: Gary Kubiak Right fit for Head Coach


In sports and life, it’s all about the right “match.”

When you find it, when you get it, you know. You feel it with every fiber of who you are. There’s no second guessing. There’s no “well, I’m not sure.” You just know.

To get that match, or fit, takes time. You can’t rush it or it won’t work. You can’t force it because it should just come together. It’s similar to a puzzle in that regard. It may look like two pieces go together, but if try to force them it will never work.

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John Elway and Gary Kubiak are the right match. They have been since 1983 when they came into the NFL together. For the next eight years they served as quarterback and backup for the Denver Broncos. They served as roommates.

After his playing days were finished in 1991, Kubiak became a coach. Four years later, he returned to Denver as offensive coordinator. The two took what they developed as teammates and created the Mile High Magic as quarterback and offensive coordinator.

Since 2005, the two have no doubt wanted to get this pair back together but the timing hasn’t been right. Four years ago when Elway took over as executive vice president of the Broncos, the guy he wanted to hire was Kubiak. It just wasn’t possible since Kubiak was the head coach of Houston Texans. That goes back to the whole “you can’t force it” aspect of a great match.

Aug 16, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak on the sidelines during the game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Baltimore beat Dallas 37-30. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

When Denver lost yet another big game, and John Fox was out, the first name to pop up as the new coach was Kubiak. There’s a reason for that: He’s the right guy for the job. Unless something truly bizarre happens over the next few days, Kubiak will be the 15th head coach in Broncos’ history.

The trust. The respect. The bond. The “like minded approach.” The “desire to win world championships.” That’s already there between Elway and Kubiak. It was never there for Elway and Fox. Hence Elway saying as much in his season-ending news conference on how they couldn’t agree to get to the next level.

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  • There’s no need to fret about that with Elway and Kubiak because they’ve done it before. Yes, they have had success together when they won back-to-back Super Bowls. But what makes this the right match is they have failed together. That’s what creates bonds in sports. How do you respond when you’re at your worst?

    It doesn’t get lower in sports than getting curb stomped in three Super Bowls. It doesn’t get worse than getting upset in the divisional round of the playoffs when you and everyone else knows you should have won the Super Bowl that season (the loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1996).

    For those who say, “Broncos Country, the Broncos and Elway need to get out of the past, this isn’t 1998,” that’s why this is so perfect. It’s not about “going back to 1998,” but writing another chapter in an already rich history.

    Elway and Kubiak have experienced it all in the NFL. And they have done it together. The one thing they haven’t done is lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl title as executive and head coach. Given their past, you really want to bet against Elway and Kubiak?

    One of the most difficult aspects of sports and life is to find the right “match.” It looks as if the best match in Denver sports history has finally found its way back.

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    Dec 7, 2014; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak (left) talks with quarterback Joe Flacco (right) during the second half against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Ravens won 28-13. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports