Broncos Formally Request Interview With Gary Kubiak


The Denver Broncos have reportedly reached out to the Baltimore Ravens in an effort to interview offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak for their head coaching position.

Kubiak is a former Broncos player and assistant coach who made a name for himself in the Mile High City before leaving for the head coaching job with the Houston Texans in 2006. Kubiak’s connection with the team and General Manager John Elway has led many to believe that he is the front-runner for the open head coaching position in Denver.

The Broncos will interview Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin on Friday, but it seems like the bigger fish to fry here is Kubiak and it seems like the Broncos really want him. The reason I say that is because Kubiak has already declined any requests for a head coaching job available, but he said that all prior to John Elway firing John Fox (who is now reportedly going to be the head coach of the Chicago Bears).

It’s highly unlikely that the Broncos, knowing what Kubiak has already made public, would even bother the Ravens with this request unless Elway has somehow talked to Kubiak, and the Ravens can’t decline the Broncos permission to interview him since he is the offensive coordinator and the position is for a head coaching job.

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Kubiak has the opportunity to decline it himself, and there is good reason to think he might. Under the stress of the head coaching obligations with the Houston Texans, Kubiak suffered a mini-stroke during a game, and even though it is called ‘mini’ there’s nothing insignificant about it. It’s entirely possible that Kubiak has decided he doesn’t want to deal with the stresses that come along with being an NFL head coach, and that would be okay.

If he hasn’t decided that and just didn’t want any of the other available jobs, then the Broncos have every right to pursue and try and get him to be their next head coach. The Broncos won the Super Bowl under the offense that Kubiak bases his around, one that John Elway made so famous for its zone blocking schemes.

Denver is committed this offseason to adding someone who can bring the team to the next level, and the reason that I think Kubiak is a great fit is not only his being beloved by the city of Denver, but also the fact that I think he can put together a phenomenal staff.

That starts with Baltimore quarterbacks coach Rick Dennison, who has been an offensive line coach and assistant in Denver and would likely be part of the staff if Kubiak leaves, per reports. The Broncos could also look to add a coordinator like Jim Schwartz or Vic Fangio, who have just recently been let go from their respective teams.

One really intriguing scenario would be for Denver to get Kubiak and Dennison on board and add Jim Schwartz to coach the defense, a guy who certainly knows how to light a fire and someone who can get his players to elevate to the next level. I love Schwartz as a coordinator and I think the Broncos would flourish under his guidance for the defense, playing a very aggressive style of football.

He also might be able to convince free agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh to consider the Broncos if Terrance Knighton leaves.

Excuse me for getting ahead of myself, but this is an exciting time. Keep an eye on Gary Kubiak.