Report: Gary Kubiak, Dan Quinn On Broncos Coaching Wish List


As John Elway put it three years ago, there is no ‘Plan B’ for the Denver Broncos. Since he came aboard in 2011, it has always been ‘Plan A’ and anything less than the Super Bowl is unacceptable.

When the Broncos lost the Super Bowl to the Seattle Seahawks, it wouldn’t surprise me if Elway had gears moving in his head that he might not have the right guy as the head coach of this team. Now, citing their differences for how to reach the next level, the Broncos and Elway have moved on from John Fox — who won four straight division titles as head coach — and are in the market for a new coach, one who Elway hopes is ‘like-minded’ and can lead this team over the top.

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The Broncos need someone who is going to be aggressive. Someone who doesn’t require too much equity in terms of personnel selection with Elway, but someone who is going to get the most out of the players and help them peak at the right time, as Elway put it.

Among the candidates to replace John Fox as it currently stands are Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, Ravens quarterback coach Rick Dennison, Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Lions defensive Coordinator Teryl Austin, Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.

Both Kubiak and Dennison are former assistants with the Denver Broncos who also played for the team. Quinn was the man who coached against the Broncos in what is simply remembered as ’43-8′. Austin is a new head coaching candidate who had the Detroit Lions’ defense among the best in the NFL in 2014. Gase and Del Rio’s resume’s are well known at this point, and you have to think the Broncos will consider some other candidates as well.

This six-man list seems to be a pretty good short list for the Broncos, and reach all criteria of what the fans have been calling for. Kubiak and Dennison have the ties to Denver, so the Broncos faithful like the sound of that. Quinn brings a piece of Seattle to Denver, which seems like a no-brainer at this point. Austin is a young up-and-comer, and Gase would keep familiarity.

There have not been any reported interviews set up yet, just that the Broncos will be requesting permission with a few of these guys. More to come on this situation as it progresses.