Broncos LB Brandon Marshall Ready to Play Sunday


The Denver Broncos avoided certain disaster this season when they learned that linebacker Brandon Marshall — also the team’s leading tackler and one of its best breakout defenders — would not miss the remainder of the season with a foot injury he suffered in the final month of the season.

Speaking to Denver media, Marshall said that he sprinted this week unlike any week previous since injuring his foot against the San Diego Chargers on December 14th. He has finally returned to practice on a limited basis, and it couldn’t come at a better time. The Broncos will need him against the Colts and their athletic tight ends, their active running backs in the passing game, and the mobile Andrew Luck.

“In my mind, I know I could go,” Marshall said. “I know I could play. It just depends on what the coaches want to do, what the training staff wants to do. In my mind I can go, so we’ll see what happens.”

In my mind, I know I could go,” Marshall said. “I know I could play.

Despite missing the last half of December, Marshall finished his banner year with 110 tackles and led the team in “Stops” or plays that constitute a failure by the offense. In other words, Marshall has been busting up plays all year for the Broncos, and his return to the lineup will be a huge boost going up against the Indianapolis Colts, who boast a high-flying offense that can put up a lot of points.

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With the defense playing as well as it has over the last two months of the season, the Broncos certainly have other guys who can pick up the slack and make plays, but Marshall was instrumental for this team having the top ranked defense by Pro Football Focus and forcing the most three-and-outs of any team in the NFL.

Marshall’s ability to play upfield as well as against the pass provide the Broncos with a versatile weapon that doesn’t have to come off the field in certain personnel groupings, and he has also more than adequately replaced Danny Trevathan, who was the team’s leading tackler a year ago. Trevathan has missed most of this season due to knee injuries, and Marshall has been phenomenal, receiving a lone vote by the Associated Press for the All-Pro team.

That one vote was enough to motivate Marshall, who has now established himself as something other than just the guy who is not Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall. He’s formed his own identity, his own niche as a stud in the NFL and the Broncos should be delighted to see him return.

Hopefully they make the right choice for him health-wise, but we’re crossing our fingers that number 54 will be in uniform on Sunday afternoon.

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