The coordinator position for any team is just as important as the head coach. Adam Gase and Jack Del Rio have done their pa..."/> The coordinator position for any team is just as important as the head coach. Adam Gase and Jack Del Rio have done their pa..."/>

Possible Coordinator Replacements For the Broncos


Aug 12, 2013; Englewood, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback coach Greg Knapp during training camp at the Broncos training facility. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The coordinator position for any team is just as important as the head coach. Adam Gase and Jack Del Rio have done their part for the Broncos team in the past couple years. Now with both of them being interviewed for head coaching positions, could we see a change for the Broncos in 2015? There is always that possibility.

Not too long ago, I wrote an article and got the input from the staff at Predominantly Orange on which of the two coordinators would have a better shot at succeeding as a head coach in the NFL. If the teams in the league believe that a current coordinator for the Broncos has that chance to succeed, then the Broncos would need to find someone to replace and fill in that role.

It is more difficult to come up with possible candidates for a coordinator position than it is with a head coaching vacancy based on my assumption that it is a job that is not talked about a whole lot, at least in perspective of the head coach. When it comes to these types of positions, it is more likely that the team looks within the organization. Adam Gase was a coach who was promoted from within the organization when Mike McCoy became the head coach of San Diego after spending a year in Denver as the offensive coordinator. Another option could be that they bring in a head coach who was terminated or left on their own and hire them as a coordinator. This is what the Broncos did when Dennis Allen went on to coach the Oakland Raiders. They decided to bring in Jack Del Rio for his defensive mind despite the fact he was a head coach prior.

Hiring a new coordinator is one of those that is not normally talked about unless there is a big name that takes the position. Normally a coordinator does not get mentioned until it is seen that they make the offense or defense look like a solid unit. This will be interesting to watch for various reasons. Will a team be patient enough to wait until the Broncos’ season is over to hire the coordinator?

With the possibility of the coordinator position changing, I decided to once again talk to the staff at Predominantly Orange and see what they thought.

Gabe Harris: As for who I would want, I would love nothing more than to have Rex Ryan come in as DC, but by most reports there’s no way he’d take a coordinator position. I think it would be an extremely wise move on his part, because he could take the DC position for us for 1 season (which very well could be Peyton’s last) and spend a season with Peyton and a prolific offense to see the in’s and out’s of how a great offense operates. Rex is a phenomenal defensive coach, but my 9-year-old daughter could call a better offensive game simply by picking plays on Madden at random. Then Rex could move onto another HC job with a greater offensive understanding and a super bowl ring on his finger.

Dan Armelli: As for replacing them, I’ve already had talks with our fearless leader Sayre Bedinger about this. If Gase leaves, I wouldn’t mind giving QB coach Greg Knapp a look. He’s been the OC with multiple teams with varying results (to be fair, he’s been put in some horrendous situations). I think the key is as long as Manning is comfortable working with him, that’s all you really need. Keeping the OC in house has been working.

As for defensive coordinator, I want to keep the dream of getting Rex Ryan alive. Truth be told, I would take him over John Fox as head coach, but that’s a discussion for a different day. Rex has shown he can get the best out of any defense he’s given and brings a scheme that fits his personnel instead of the other way around, which I think could make this defense even better – which is scary.

Sayre Bedinger:As for who I would like to see as the next offensive or defensive coordinator for the Broncos, I don’t know if anyone on the current staff is qualified to come in and fill those roles, but I would tend to prefer someone who is a bit of a risk-taker. I am not a fan of conservative in today’s NFL, unless your roster forces you to be. That’s why I think Rex Ryan has been such a popular choice for so many. For offensive coordinator, I would like to see some young, hot shot come take the job but that might not happen. That’s a hard question to answer right now.

Kyle McKinnon: If the Broncos lost either Gase or Del Rio, or both, I’d like to see them hire outside of the organization. I’m not as concerned about who would be the OC because I don’t see much of their game plan changing regardless of who’s coaching the offense up.With the DC, I know Rex Ryan has said otherwise, but I’d like to see him in Denver. Other staff members/editors have already said that here on PO and I also believe that it’d be a perfect fit, given the personnel.

Ian St. Clair: Rex Ryan will not be the defensive coordinator of the Broncos. Period. He will either be a head coach or do TV. Thus the best, most realistic option is Steve Spagnuolo, who is the Ravens secondary coach. Like Ryan, he knows how to create defenses that beat Tom Brady (hopefully he does it again Saturday). As for offensive coordinator, Greg Knapp. He’s been the quarterback coach for two years now, knows what works for the offense but more importantly knows and continues to develop a relationship with Manning.