Broncos Getting Brandon Marshall, T.J. Ward Back This Week


Rejoice, Broncos fans — T.J. Ward and Brandon Marshall are both back at practice.

Excuse me while I sit back in my chair and take a sip of coffee…

In all seriousness, this is huge news for the Broncos, whose season began with a home game against the Indianapolis Colts. Now, they begin the ‘real’ season — the postseason — in the same exact spot. This time around, both teams have added different dimensions. The Broncos have the added bonus of an actual running game, while the Colts have discovered some additional playmakers in the offense by figuring out throughout this year how to best utilize Coby Fleener and rookie receiver Donte Moncrief.

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The Broncos had Moncrief in for a pre-draft visit this past year, in case you needed a little conversation piece for your pre-game discussion.

At any rate, the big story here is that the Broncos have back T.J. Ward and Brandon Marshall, the latter of which received an All-Pro vote. He was on the Broncos’ practice squad just over a year ago (December 23rd signed to active roster). Ward has been really coming on as of the end of the season after a slow start to his Broncos career, finally starting to look like the versatile Pro Bowl player he had been in Cleveland. Marshall had only begun his ascension to stardom when the Broncos last met the Colts, and he ended up leading the team in tackles and “Stops” which are plays that constitute a failure for the opposing offense.

The biggest part of this news is the fact that stopping the Colts starts with getting to Andrew Luck. If you make Luck uncomfortable, good things are going to happen. That’s not easy to do, so you have to have all hands on deck. Especially as much as the Colts love to run short pass plays to their running backs, the return of Marshall and Ward couldn’t come at a more perfect time.