NFL Playoffs: Broncos Will Host Indianapolis Colts



The Denver Broncos will face the Indianapolis Colts after they beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the Wild Card round Sunday afternoon. The game will kick off at 2:40 PM MT on Sunday, January 11th.

Andrew Luck is coming to town to finish his season where the Colts started it on Sunday Night Football.


The NFL playoffs are underway and the two teams with the worst records in the playoffs have already won games (Ravens, Panthers). So, in case you were worried about the parity in the NFL, fret not.

Neither game on Saturday revealed anything about which team the Broncos might play on Sunday next week, but a matchup between the Bengals and Colts will. As this game is being played, it’s important to note that whatever team wins the game will travel to Denver, and that the Broncos have already played each squad. The Bengals beat the Broncos on Monday Night Football a couple weeks ago in Cincinnati, and the Broncos kicked off the season by beating Andrew Luck and the Colts.

Nobody seems really worried about either team coming into Denver, but both of these teams obviously made the playoffs for a reason. The Colts due large in part to the play of QB Andrew Luck, who has been phenomenal in year three. The Bengals have relied on a steady running game and great production out of running backs Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard, both of whom killed the Broncos when the two teams faced off earlier this season.

Both teams have quarterbacks that have thrown a lot of interceptions in the playoffs (14 combined) but obviously since both Dalton and Luck have been in the league, they’ve been good enough to get their team to the dance and now one will have a shot at Denver in the second round.

Which team would you rather play? Do you think the Broncos match up better with one or the other? For me personally, I would rather play the Bengals for two reasons:

1. Revenge.

2. Andy Dalton is the QB.

3. …

That’s pretty much it.