Denver Broncos Lay An Egg at Christmas Time


Dec 22, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) warms up prior to the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There are times when I really wish I wasn’t a die-hard Denver Bronco fan and Monday night was one of those nights!  When the Broncos had to win in order to secure a first-round bye, plus remain in contention for home field advantage, they laid a big orange and blue egg!  To continue reading more of my frustration that was spawned by the pitiful Bronco performance, please continue reading.

I wanted the Broncos to win this week, as well as next week and somehow hope the Buffalo Bills find a way to upset the New England Patriots in the last week of the regular season, securing home-field advantage for the Broncos.  The Bronco team I saw on Monday night and their overall performance makes me think that this team may not beat the Oakland Raiders in week seventeen, let alone have a shot at beating the Patriots in New England, assuming both teams advance, making that matchup a reality.  In fact, I’m not so sure this team will get by a divisional playoff game at home or even a wildcard game should it come to that.  My comments are 90% frustration but you have to be realistic and look at what is actually occurring on the field.

I’ve read the articles about Adam Gase and Jack Del Rio possibly being chosen as head coaches next season and after Monday night, a small part of me wants to say good riddance.  While I know there will be some lean years if this occurs and after the Broncos are Peyton Manning-less (his retirement is close), but I wonder if it’s time for that era to begin sooner than later?

I don’t know enough about professional football to offer up a legitimate reason that justifies the recent Bronco struggles, but as a fan it certainly appears that something isn’t right with Manning and the overall offense – be it coaching, the game plan, or the players, but something is out of whack in the Mile High City!  While the offense struggles, the defense is as much to blame – they made it look so easy for the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night.  The third phase of the game – special teams – was anything but special.  Right now, instead of planning  a trip to Denver for a playoff game, I would rather figure out a way to get a refund on my playoff tickets that I purchased a week ago.  After all, how can a team go to Arrowhead and be so dominating and then go to Cincinnati with so much to play for and play so poorly?

Is the season over?  Absolutely not, but it doesn’t look very good right now for the Broncos.  I’m just hoping the Broncos are able to beat the Oakland Raiders next week, securing the number two seed in the playoffs and a first round bye.  While things seem pretty bleak right now, all football fans know that anything can happen when you get into the playoffs.

Like I said early in this post, there are times I wish that I wasn’t a die-hard Bronco fan and tonight is one of those nights.  I hate to see the Broncos lose anytime they take the field but it is more frustrating when they don’t perform well.  Die-hard, long-time Bronco know exactly what I’m talking about so I don’t feel bad regarding that aspect; casual fans will never understand the passion and emotion so there is no need to try and explain.  I have been a season ticket holder for twenty-plus seasons, I’ve been through the Super Bowl blowouts in the late 80’s/ early 90’s plus last years Super Bowl debacle so I feel like I can vent my frustration regarding the Monday night game.

All that being said, I will continue cheering on the Broncos, hoping that they can somehow find a way to make it to the Super Bowl and then win it; if not this season, the next season, or the season after that, and so on.  After all, did you really expect the New York Jets to have a legitimate shot to defeat the New England Patriots?  In the NFL, anything can happen!

Broncos Country try to forget about this one and shift your focus to the Oakland Raiders!

Merry Christmas Bronco fans!

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