What I Want for a Broncos Christmas on Monday Night

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On Monday Night Football this week, the Denver Broncos will be travel to my home state of Ohio to take on the Cincinnati Bengals. This should be a great one for all football fans alike considering there is playoff seeding on the line. Also consider that MNF has shown some stinkers the last four weeks, save for a fourth quarter comeback/meltdown by the Falcons/Packers in week 14.

The Broncos (11-3) come into this game with a slim chance to take over New England as the number one seed. However, with a win over the Bengals the Broncos can wrap up a first round bye.

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The Bengals would be best served to play their best football this week too. At 9-4-1 (that “1” makes me cringe), they could still miss the playoffs. According to my experimentation with ESPN’s Playoff Machine, a Bengals loss this week means the Chiefs can replace them in the playoffs with a win in Pittsburgh this week AND a win at home against the Chargers. Simply put, the Bengals can clinch a playoff birth with a primetime win on Monday night.

Three days after Monday is Christmas, so I’m going to focus on some things on my wish list for this game. Hopefully I was a good boy this year and Santa will deliver.