Denver Broncos Christmas Gift Guide: 12 Gifts for the Fan In Your Life

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6. For the Fake Hipster Fan – Ugly Sweater/Scarf

So you’ve got that friend who claims they are a Denver Broncos fan, but they show up on gameday and don’t know who number 93 is (Quanterus Smith, duh…). That fan is also a wannabe hipster, because there are really no true hipsters out there anymore.

At any rate, if they are still delusioned into thinking they are hipsters, you know they will absolutely appreciate the gesture of an ugly sweater, as well as perhaps a nice Broncos scarf. This way, they can save face with their other fake hipster friends and impress people at the sports bar and get a lot of laughs on gameday when they show up wearing the most glorious ‘ugly’ sweater in the world. There are currently a few options out there for Broncos fans, and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve got one as well.

The scarf as a gift itself is great, because then your hipster friend can declare their fandom with just an accessory, not going too far overboard. This is really a versatile section of our gift guide.