Denver Broncos Christmas Gift Guide: 12 Gifts for the Fan In Your Life

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5. For the Witty Fan – D-LineCo Shirts

So the fan you’re shopping for has a sense of humor about the game, and they also have an in-depth knowledge of the team and personalities within? Look no further than the Colorado-based t-shirt company D-Line Co., which is cranking out original drawings and designs specifically for the team that we all know and love.

The person that receives these t-shirts will feel respected because the designs themselves display a deeper knowledge of the team, and they are also pretty darn funny and clever. The one receiving these gifts will respect you, and make these shirts a weekly staple, wearing them proudly and displaying them in public so the people can see what an advanced fan they are.

They will also appreciate the unique quality of the gift. Not everyone has one (though they should) and they will earn more fan respect for that.