Denver Broncos Christmas Gift Guide: 12 Gifts for the Fan In Your Life

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3. For the Dad You Don’t Know What Else To Get – Grilling Utensils

What the heck does Dad want this year? For that matter, what does your Father-in-law want? If your family is anything like mine, it’s always tough to know what Dad wants. He’s so selfless, he probably is telling you he doesn’t really need anything anyway. You know Dad is sick of getting the same old things year in and year out — grooming clippers or tools of some kind. Maybe some awesome 24-in-1 flashlight, screwdriver, cell phone holder.

You don’t know what in the world to get, and the week before Christmas, you see that kiosk in the mall that is still inexplicably open, and what do you know it–they’ve got Denver Broncos grilling spatulas and what not. It’s not like the utensils are going to brand the Broncos logo into the food, it’s just another way to declare your fandom to your buddies when they come over in the fall for the games. I can hear their thoughts right now: Wow, this guy’s even got Broncos grilling tools? Respect.