Denver Broncos Christmas Gift Guide: 12 Gifts for the Fan In Your Life

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2. For the Lazy Fan – Slippers/Coffee Mug

If you are friends with someone who likes to loaf around on the weekends and when they get home from work at night, then they are going to need a nice pair of comfy slippers with some Denver Broncos embroidery. Because what Broncos fan doesn’t want their footwear at home to speak to their ultimate fandom?

Plus, when you are at home watching the game, you don’t want to always have to walk around barefoot or in your socks, at least I don’t (not in the Winter). In fact you know what, do your friend one better here and throw in a coffee mug. Chances are, if they are loafing around, a cup of hot chocolate, cider, or coffee is going to sound good at some point.