Broncos DT Terrance Knighton Speaks Out on Contract


Tattooed across Denver Broncos defensive tackle and captain Terrance Knighton’s chest are the words, “To whom much is given, much is trusted.”

Knighton’s emergence in Denver has been nothing short of a God-send for a team that has had so many problems in the last two decades on the defensive front, especially at the defensive tackle position. Knighton’s emergence in 2013 and huge fourth down sack of Tom Brady in the playoffs put him on the map nationally, but he was already building up credibility and respect of his teammates.

In 2014, Knighton was voted a captain by his teammates and has been one of the most outspoken players in the league this season. Right now, he’s making headlines for guaranteeing a win in the Super Bowl or against the Patriots, or whatever spin people want to put on it. There’s no doubt about it, Knighton is a confident guy. He is hilarious, honest, and the good news is for Broncos fans — he is usually right.

With Chris Harris Jr. receiving a big contract extension from the Broncos last Friday, it was brought up to Knighton that his contract is up after the season, and he made mention of his desire to ultimately stay in Denver.

The willingness of ‘Pot Roast’ to take a hometown discount shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but these types of comments make you love the guy even more. It’s not about money for every player. Some of these guys are actually willing to take fair, team-friendly contracts so that other guys can sign on too. That’s a sign that they are more interested in winning games than getting a big fat paycheck every week.

Still, Knighton will get a fair deal. He’s been one of the best run stuffing defensive tackles in the NFL over the last two seasons, and has proven his worth as a team leader as well. The Broncos have recognized that, and hopefully they make Knighton a centerpiece of their defensive front for the next four or five years.

The six-year veteran of the NFL spent his first four seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars before getting a two-year contract in 2013 from the Denver Broncos. He has been an absolute star these last two years and a joy to have as a member of the orange and blue. Hopefully the Broncos make him an offer ‘in the ballpark’ so he will stick around for awhile.