AFC West Recap – Week Thirteen


Nov 30, 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) is sacked by Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller (58) in the fourth quarter against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The Broncos defeated the Chiefs 29-16. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Sadly, the 2014 NFL season is three-quarters over!  It seems like just yesterday we  were counting down the days until training camp started.  Being a glass is a half-full type of guy, I am so looking forward to the month of December and the last quarter of the season, rather than dwelling on the season that has already gone by.  Week thirteen action saw the Denver Broncos maintain first place in the AFC West with a dominating 29-16 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night; for my thoughts on this game, as well as the other games featuring AFC West teams, please continue reading.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs: I woke up on Monday morning dreading the start of another busy work week.  Still half asleep thinking about the hot cup of Starbucks coffee I would be consuming in just over thirty minutes, I couldn’t help but think about the dream I had as I slumbered Sunday night and early Monday morning.  In my dream the Denver Broncos had gone to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City and totally dominated the Kansas City Chiefs from the opening kickoff.  Being a Bronco fan stuck in the mid-west (aka Chiefs Country), I want the Broncos to win at Arrowhead more so than any other road trip they have ALL season.  I probably feel this way because if the Broncos lose at Arrowhead I will face a load of you-know-what on Monday morning when I go to work because where I live most pro football fans are Chief fans.  My dream was awesome – Bronco running back C.J. Anderson excelled and had an excellent night rushing for 168 yards and scoring two touchdowns.  In my dream the Broncos defense stepped up and seemed to bring back the Orange Crush defense of the seventies.  The Chiefs offense “produced” a total of -10 yards in the first quarter; 151 for the whole game.  To add some orange and blue icing on this sweet tasting cake, the Broncos added six quarterback sacks that resulted in a total of 43 yards lost!  The Broncos special teams even added a bit to my oh-so special dream by executing a fake punt for a first down allowing the drive to continue.  Finally wide awake, and ready to take on the day, it dawned on me – that was no dream; the Broncos actually went to Arrowhead and dominated the Chiefs.  Great job Broncos!  Typically, I dread  Monday mornings – this particular morning I couldn’t wait to get to work just to remind some Chief fans which team won between the Broncos and Chiefs.  Being a Bronco season ticket holder of the Denver Broncos, and ex-Colorado resident, I have an ever-lasting desire to relocate back to Colorado….. but never after the Broncos beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead.

Oakland Raiders at St. Louis Rams: After the Raiders beat the Chiefs in Oakland, I thought maybe, just maybe we would see a different Oakland Raiders team the remainder of the season.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  After getting their first win of the season in week twelve against a Missouri team (Kansas City Chiefs), the Raiders suffered their worst loss of the season against the other pro team in Missouri.  The Raiders fell to 1-11 after losing 52-0 to the St. Louis Rams in St. Louis.  It’s too bad the NFL doesn’t have a “run-rule” policy in place because if they did, it would have been utilized in this game – the Rams were ahead 38-0 at halftime.  I guess the bright side of this blowout for the Raiders was that they did hold the Rams scoreless in the third quarter.  Given this performance, I don’t have much hope for the Raiders this season – at this point I think the “first pick in the draft” watch can start.  Currently, the Raiders’ 1-11 record is the worst in the league although there are four teams at right behind them at 2-10.  Not to ever say a game in the NFL is a given, but I wonder if Bronco fans don’t attend the last home game of the season against the Raiders will they be able to get face value for those tickets considering that it could be a blowout very similar to what occurred last weekend in St. Louis.

San Diego Chargers at Baltimore Ravens: In one of the more exciting games of the week, the Chargers moved up to second place in the division by beating the Baltimore Ravens 34-33 in Baltimore.  The winning score occurred with 38 seconds remaining in the game when Philip Rivers connected with Eddie Royal for a short touchdown pass.  Rivers finished the day with 34 completions for 383 yards and three touchdown passes.  The Chargers were down 30-20 with just over six minutes remaining in the game, and were down 33-27 with just over two minutes remaining before ending an 80-yard drive with the Eddie Royal touchdown catch.  While the Chargers win improved their standing in the playoff picture, it could easily change considering the last four games of the season the Chargers face the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, and Kansas City Chiefs.  Hopefully the Chargers win streak continues one more week as they host the Patriots on Sunday Night Football.  The Broncos need the Patriots to lose in order to gain home field advantage in the playoffs.

Go Broncos!

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