Denver Broncos vs. Buffalo Bills: Know Your Enemy


Nov 30, 2014; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes (55) celebrates with the fans after recovering a fumble to score a touchdown during the second half against the Cleveland Browns at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, yet another test for the Denver Broncos offense.

The last month, Peyton Manning and his mates have faced some of the best defenses in the NFL. Why should Week 14 be any different?

On the heels of the best and most impressive win of the season, how will the Broncos respond? With four games left, the hunt for the playoffs is on. For Denver to stand a chance at getting the No. 1 seed and home field advantage it has to win out. No hiccups.

With the Buffalo Bills next up, we swapped Q&As with Joe Pinzone, editor of Buffalo Wins. You can find him on Twitter: @BuffaloWins.

Question: What has allowed the Bills to get to 7-5 and have a chance at the playoffs?

"Answer: Defense. Plain and simple. They lead the league in sacks and are 2nd in points given up. The front four is really the key to their success. Mario Williams and Jerry Hughes off the edge have accounted for a combined 21.5 sacks. Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus have been dominate inside and have combined for 17.5 sacks and 39 QB hurries. Their linebackers have been really stellar and the rush defense has allowed less than 100 yards rushing in 8 of their 12 games. Keep in mind the Bills have scored two or fewer offensive TDs in 9 of their 12 games this year. That should tell you why we are 7-5."

Q: Will the Bills make the playoffs? What has to happen for that to happen?

"A: A miracle from God? Honestly, they need a lot to happen as they have a hellish schedule coming up with the Broncos, Packers, Raiders (They should win that) and Patriots. They also have lost head-to-head against the Chiefs/Texans/Chargers. They will have to pull off at least 2 wins against those teams and I just don’t have enough confidence to see that happen."

Q: How frustrating has it been to play and watch the success of New England?

"A: Oh, it has been a kick in the nuts. They have dominated the division and the Bills. In fact, the Bills have only beaten them twice since 2001 (2003 and 2011). Brady has like the most TDs against them and until he retires, I will never think the Pats are ripe for the taking. The Patriots are pretty much the Michael Myers of the the NFL. When you think they are dead (See: the first 4 games of the year), they come back and pretty much kill off your friends and family at Crystal Lake."

Q: What do fans think of Kyle Orton? And is there any chance he brings back the neck beard?

"A: We actually haven’t seen the neck beard. We saw the Uncle Rico look. How do we feel about him? Meh. He was hot at the start as he was the first Bills QB to have 3 straight games of 280 yards passing since Drew Bledsoe (2002). Yeah…That’s how bad our QBs have been. However, he’s been pretty mediocre overall. He’s a classic game manager. In 5 of his 8 starts, the Bills have scored an offensive TD or less. Again, the offense kind of sucks and really struggles in the red zone."

Q: How do the Broncos attack the Buffalo offense and defense? Has there been talk of the altitude?

"A: To answer your 2nd question, I just read they are traveling out Friday to practice in Denver on Saturday because of that. If I’m the Broncos offense, I spread the field. The Bills aren’t exactly deep at CB and I think if you get their dime package on the field, you can pick on their corners and get their LBs off the field. On offense, well, we aren’t very good. The offensive line which has been better lately, has been a tirefire all season, specifically the inside. I’d also double Sammy and let the other WRs beat you."

Q: What will lead the Bills to success on Sunday? What will show you they’re on their game?

"A: They need to get pressure on Manning without blitzing and stop sucking in the red zone (Bills are last in converting TDs in the red zone and their kicker is a fantasy football stud)"

Q: Is EJ Manuel done in Buffalo?

"A: It depends. If Doug Marrone gets fired, I think the Bills may reset where they go with the QB because new people may not want. EJ was pretty mediocre as a starter, but to give him just 12 NFL starts before pulling him was a bit of head scratcher for me. I’m actually in the minority in regards to that as a lot of fans wanted him benched. In my opinion, the Bills pulled him mainly because they were going through ownership change and Marrone really wanted to make a good impression on them by winning. Orton is a better QB at this time than EJ, but we all know what we have with Orton. He’s not leading your team to the Super Bowl. I predict that Orton will play out the string and they will try and do an open competition next preseason with he and EJ."

Q: What does the future hold for Sammy Watkins? Is he the best Bills receiver since Andre Reed?

"A: Sammy had a really great October (4 games) as he was the NFL offensive rookie of the month with 21 catches for 393 yards and 3TDs. Unfortunately, he wasn’t Mr. November (4 games) as he had 13 catches for 105 yards and zero TDs. He has a ways to go and I think he’s better than Stevie Johnson and Lee Evans, but he’s not where Eric Moulds was (He came after Reed)."

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