Broncos Crush Chiefs In Primetime: Five Observations

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4. Pass rush Dominates

When the Broncos play a great game, the common theme is that the pass rush played a good game and they didn’t really make any mistakes offensively. While the Chiefs boast the worst group of wide receivers possibly in the league, the Broncos absolutely teed off on Alex Smith in this game.

The pass rush was able to dominate because first and foremost, the Broncos bottled up Jamaal Charles in the running game. Charles had a receiving touchdown in this game, but for the most part was a non-factor and the Broncos were able to exploit the Chiefs’ biggest weakness on their home field. Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware were nearly unblockable in this game, but it seemed like everyone was getting into the mix from T.J. Ward to Brandon Marshall and Derek Wolfe.

The ability to get after the quarterback is key, and the Chiefs found out the hard way. Alex Smith was hit 12 times and sacked six. The Broncos dominated at the line of scrimmage all game.