Broncos Crush Chiefs In Primetime: Five Observations

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2. Welcome to the party, Barth

Connor Barth didn’t have to hit any ridiculously long field goals for the Broncos, and he probably won’t. But the Broncos’ special teams was pretty stellar on Sunday night all things considered, and it was the 17 total points from Barth on five field goals and two extra points that proved to be every bit the difference in this game.

Barth’s five field goals tied a Broncos team record, and he looked pretty darn good out there for his first game in over a year. The only problem with his game was, the Broncos would have rather used him on more extra points than short range field goals.

The one area where Barth really struggled was expected, by most accounts. He wasn’t able to get hardly any distance on kickoffs, resulting in phenomenal starting field position for the Chiefs nearly every time they got the ball. The swirling winds didn’t help either kicker in this regard, but it’s something to monitor going forward. The Broncos’ coverage units are really going to need to step up their game.