Things That This Denver Broncos Fan’s Thankful For (Reprise)


Oct 23, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos mascot Thunder runs onto the field before the game between the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Broncos won 35-21. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports


Perspective about what really is important in life is not lost on me. However, since this is a Denver Broncos blog, the below piece is for fun and totally related to life’s toy department; sports and entertainment. That said, enjoy, my fellow Bronconians!

I have been a Broncos fan since I was a wee lad. Over the years, there have been peaks and valleys, as is the case with any sports franchise. Let’s face it though, in the NFL, since Mr. Pat Bowlen bought the Broncos in 1984, only the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers have enjoyed more peaks. So it is with that in mind that I author this poem of thanks to give thanks to Mr. Bowlen (as well as Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Phipps) for giving us one of the premier franchises on the American sports landscape; a reason to be thankful that we’re Broncos fans.

What am I thankful for as a fan of the Denver Broncos?

I’m thankful for all our guys enshrined in the hall; Elway, Sharpie, Floyd Little, and Zim. And for the other 5-10 who deserve to be in. 

“The Drive”, “The Fumble”, and the two Super Bowl wins, and who could forget John’s helicopter spin.

For Tripuka and Tombstone and Lionel for sure. And as mentioned, bow-legged Floyd’s stroll through Canton’s door.

For Morton and Moses and those stable of rushers. Randy, Lyle, and those feared “Orange Crushers” “It’s all over, Fat-man!” T.J. proclaimed. As Oakland’s reign of power circled the drain.

And for the first Super Bowl, delivered by Red, with visions of Lombardi dancing in my head.

The next era ushered in, belonged to Coach Reeves with a run of success previously not conceived. I’m thankful for Mecklenberg, Dennis, Fletcher, and Rulon, for all opponents that they put a big hurt on.

I’m most thankful for the man blown down by maple leaf winds who’s made it his priority to bring Denver wins.

Throughout the 80’s and threw the AFC, four years of Super Bowls, which we were in three. Though there were no rings but plenty of doubt, I’m thankful that we know that you can never count us out.

Times got lean but we still loved Wade. Under Beake and Fergie, a foundation was laid. Atwater, Sharpie, Nalen, and Zim…and Ol’#7 were starting to dig in. 

’95 saw the return of an old friend, the era of Shanny was about to begin. Armed with a plan, he brought from “The Stick” soley intended to make opponents sick. He added T.D., Eddie, and Rod. This gave #7 gifts from God. The o-line got beefy, but not too much. With Habib and Stink, Elway rarely got touched. With Romo and Alfred and Lodish and Ma’a, Robby’s blitz schemes…

<<OK I have nothing to rhyme with Ma’a. Move along, nothing to see here.>>

First year improvement, second year 1st seed. Then a crippling loss demoralized us indeed. Sharpie said it would set us back ten years. But the opposite happened as they quelled all of our fears. A jagged pill to swallow, you never like to lose. But with what was to follow, the initial loss we’d choose.

’97 was a good year, but not what we first thought. Then the most magical run, a Lombardi trophy it had brought. Thirty seven years and four Super Bowl defeats had been made all better with a parade down 17th Street.

But we were not done. No, not at all. The ’98 season saw records almost fall. T.D. attacked 2K with precision and speed. And the ’73 Fins were shaky in the knees. Davis ran for 2008, and Denver’s 14-2 record was a sure sign of fate. We breezed through the playoffs and were back in the bowl. They crushed the Dirty Birds and again, the title we did hold.

The next dozen years were kinda up and down. We brought in Jake “The Snake” to hold the QB spot down. Eddie and Rod were still among the best. We plugged runners in from one year to the next and the running game was still better than the rest.

Although the Mc D era left a lot to be desired, he did bring in pieces we all have admired.

Although polarizing, I’m thankful for Timmy T. As a 2011 playoff run once again made us believe. 

The stage is now set, to the top we will climb, with Peyton, C.J., & and receivers sublime; D.T., Sanders, Tamme, and Welker. And don’t forget Orange Julius…

<<OK, here’s another stumbling block in this poem where I have nothing to rhyme, with Julius. Move along>>

Another heartbreaking playoff loss, just like ’97, we hope just like then, it’s followed by a little piece of Heaven.

The most celebrated Bronco, I would be remiss, to not mention this fan’s greatest thankfulness. He is Denver’s Duke, our greatest player; The “Comeback King” and AFC slayer. You see Elway is more than just our QB, he is predominantly orange and now our VP. The organization he put on his back. Made those around him better with a relentless attack. Our first hall-of-famer and quite probably the best. Certainly the greatest gamer, better than the rest. Now in the front office to once again lead, the orange and blue to football’s pinnacle deed.

We had big expectations in 2013, we rose to the AFC’s top, just like the cream. A trip to Joisey brought us right to the brink, of the ultimate euphoria which we only dared to think. We fell a  little short…O.K. maybe a lot, but 30 other teams would have killed to be in our spot (not really kill, it’s just an expression…except for Aaron Hernandez). I’m still forever  thankful  for my orange and blue, for the highest of highs and the occasional letdown too.

I wish you a happiest of Thanksgivings as your dinner you plan because not everybody is lucky enough to be a Broncos fan.