Broncos “Lucky” To Avoid Another Serious Injury


Nov 2, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; Denver Broncos middle linebacker Nate Irving (56) is carted off the field during the fourth quarter of New England

When it comes to an injury to a key player, it could be the worst news a team could ever receive. The Denver Broncos have had a little luck on their side when it comes to the dreaded injury bug.

During Sunday’s dismissal loss to the New England Patriots, Broncos linebacker Nate Irving suffered a knee injury. One of the biggest surprises on the defense this season, it was not good to see him get hurt. However, multiple reports are indicating that it is not as serious as the Broncos thought. The reports indicate that it is a sprained MCL, which is a significant injury but not exactly a critical injury. If my memory serves correctly, the timetable for these injuries is anywhere from four to six weeks at best. It is definitely a lot better than a torn MCL or worse ACL.

The Denver Broncos have been lucky when it comes to the injury bug. The only time so far this season that they lost someone to an injury was Jordan Norwood when he tore his ACL during the preseason. His role was to contribute to special teams and occasionally become part of the offense. While the Broncos will have to once again adjust to another injury to a linebacker, the sky should not be falling since the injury is not considered to be season ending.

More than likely the Broncos will have to work around the linebacking corps. Which means we are more likely to see Corey Nelson and Lamin Barrow in the starting lineup. It will be interesting to see how both of these players perform in Nate Irving’s absence, although Corey Nelson has played a few snaps and looked good. The two rookies that were drafted this year will get a golden chance to see extended playing time and allows Broncos fans to see what the future holds.

The Broncos are very lucky to avoid a major injury so far this season, (knocking on wood though) and are a deep enough team to be able to handle their own for the time being. With the schedule getting a bit lighter for the next couple weeks, the Broncos should be okay. Let’s just hope that the Broncos do not have to live in panic for a couple more weeks. Let the injuries heal and work on the next game.

Time to see how deep this team can be.