Denver Broncos Wide Receivers Tearing Up the League


It is clear that Peyton Manning is going to go down in history as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. That being said, his favorite four pass catchers this season have made Manning look like he could play another 5 years. Having a group of receivers as reliable as Denver’s group makes Manning’s job even easier.

“It’s so easy!” – Julius Thomas

During the game against the Jets, Julius Thomas was heard shouting after catching a touchdown, “It’s so easy!” Manning is not the type of guy to yell things like that, but he has to agree. Manning has always made his receivers better, but with this talent around him, it really does look easy. Sunday night against San Francisco was a perfect example of just how simple things can be for the Broncos’ offense.

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  • All anyone seemed to be able to talk about after Peyton broke the record for career touchdown passes was how great his receiving core is, and the they are great. What makes this group of receivers so great is their diversity. Each receiver brings a different skill to the field, and Manning is the best at using the strengths of his teammates to gain an advantage against his opponents.

    Wes Welker was one of the best slot receivers in the game before he came to Denver. With Peyton Manning throwing him the football, he is even more effective. He stays inside and uses his quickness to get away from would be defenders.

    Emmanuel Sanders, the new guy in town, is Manning’s weapon downfield. He can stretch the defense and get in behind the secondary. He has been the most reliable pass catcher for Denver this season, and against San Francisco he finally joined the club with a touchdown.

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    Julius Thomas, following a monster season last year, leads the league in touchdowns. His basketball skills make him a huge target in the redzone, and a matchup nightmare for defenses. If a cornerback covers him, it’s a wrap. He is too big for most corners. Put a linebacker on him, and he will run away with his speed.

    Demaryius Thomas seems to have just returned from another planet. He had a rough start to his 2014 campaign, but the last few weeks have been like the return of the king. Demaryius caught Peyton’s record breaker, and he has been torching defenses ever since his return to form a few weeks ago.

    Playing Denver must be a nightmare proposition for defensive coaches around the league. Yeah, Peyton Manning is a big part of that, but Denver’s Core Four has a lot to do with it, too.