It’s Time For Broncos Rookie Cody Latimer to Play


Sep 7, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer (14) before the game against the Indianapolis Colts at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Memo to the Denver Broncos coaching staff: Play Cody Latimer.

There have been a variety of factors holding the Broncos back from playing their prized rookie receiver out of Indiana this season. Reportedly, they were worried about his ability to handle the up-tempo offense at this point in time, and that’s a valid concern, but is Latimer really this useless on special teams that Isaiah Burse would see his first NFL target before Latimer even runs a snap with the offense?

No offense meant to Burse in this case, he’s been a fine punt returner for the Broncos as an undrafted rookie. However, it’s a little bit off-putting that the Broncos continue to delay the debut of this phenomenal talent at a position where they could certainly get a few targets out of him per game.

We’ve said this time and time again — how hard would it be to throw Latimer a screen pass? How hard would it be to send him deep down the field? Why can he not come in as the ‘best blocking receiver in the draft’ and throw some blocks?

If we hadn’t seen with our own eyes all training camp and preseason what kind of a special talent Latimer is, we wouldn’t be questioning these choices. Are the Broncos simply waiting to unleash him? Does he have lingering problems with a foot injury from his college days?

Whatever the case may be, the Broncos are certainly not getting anything right now out of Andre Caldwell, who is making questionable decisions to leave the end zone on a kick return and dropping passes repeatedly, even in a small number of reps. So what gives?

This is a relatively minor concern for a team like Denver, which has so much talent at the receiver position, but it’s still something we’d like to see. Latimer could come in and make a huge impact in a small amount of plays and you have to wonder what the Broncos are waiting for.