Five Observations From Broncos Most Dominant Win This Season

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3. Hillman Continues to Impress

Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman continues to blow me away. I am not sure what clicked for him, but since the last two years have been such a disappointment from the former third round pick, it’s been a little tough for Broncos fans to get on board with Hillman’s emergence as legitimate.

He appears to be for real.

There was one point in the game when Hillman caught a pass from Manning in the third quarter, and he stuck his shoulder down after he turned upfield and gained a couple of extra yards. It wasn’t a flashy play, it wasn’t a big play, but I remember verbalizing this thought, “Wow, Hillman finally looks confident out there.”

And he does. Hillman’s confidence is growing, his role is increasing, and he put up one of the best stat lines of his career against San Francisco. He finished with 14 carries for 74 yards and two touchdowns along with four catches for 29 yards. He showed phenomenal burst on a 37 yard touchdown run as well, reminiscent of his San Diego State days.