Five Observations From Broncos Most Dominant Win This Season

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1. Manning’s Record Night

It was just a special night for the Denver Broncos quarterback, who has already vaulted himself into second place all-time behind John Elway in Broncos history in passing yardage. He had only four incomplete passes the entire night, and two of those (that I can remember off the top of my head) were drops by Julius Thomas and Andre Caldwell.

Manning’s third touchdown of the night to Demaryius Thomas was the record breaker, and fitting because Thomas has been the most prolific receiver in Broncos history over the last three weeks. He threw one more touchdown pass to DT to cap off an incredible night, which saw the Broncos score 42 points in only three quarters and pull the starters — including Manning — for the entire fourth quarter.

What else can be said about Manning at this point? He’s so good it’s hard to know where to begin. Eric Reid, the 49ers safety and 2013 first round pick, said that playing Manning is like playing against a coordinator on the field. He exploits teams, he gets the best out of everyone around him, and he rarely makes mental mistakes.