5 Bold (Outlandish) Broncos Predictions

The new craze when it comes to the NFL is "Bold predictions."

Analysts come up with the most outlandish scenarios possible that will never happen.

Here's an example: "Peyton Manning will throw for over 500 yards and eight touchdowns, all to Demaryius Thomas."

That's how ridiculous this has gotten. Will that ever happen? Of course not.

How about this one: "Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware will combine for 15 sacks and four touchdowns." You get my point. The more outlandish the better.

That got me thinking, which is never a good occurrence, what's a new spin I can put on this? After a few hours hit me.

Five bold (incredibly outlandish) predictions (that could happen) for the Denver Broncos game against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.


Wes Welker

Receiver | Will Not Get a Concussion

To say the Broncos wide out is concussion prone since he arrived in Denver is akin to saying Bill Belichick likes hooded sweatshirts.

Welker is a walking concussion waiting to happen and the Broncos should wrap his head in bubble wrap.

While concussions are no laughing matter, it isn't an issue Sunday against Arizona because Welker won't get one. In fact, he will have more touchdowns than concussions. At this point, that's a major win.

When it comes to Welker that's always a great accomplishment.

Manning and the Denver offense need a healthy Welker to give its goal of winning the Super Bowl life.

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John Fox

Coach | Channels his Inner Chip Kelly

Fox is a conservative coach. That's a statement we've heard and seen play out over the course of his career. The first three games of this season have done little to change peoples' minds in that regard.

In those games, Fox has Broncos Country thinking Dan Reeves with his "let's play not to lose" approach that doesn't trust his players.

On Sunday, Fox wants to end that talk and he has people double-taking when they look at the Broncos sideline. "Is that Chip Kelly?"

The flashcards for play calls, the bizarre formations and "I don't give a crap, I'm going for it on fourth down at my own 10-yardline" mentality.

Take a knee because "we're stunned?" Heck no. Foxy will run a triple reverse with Manning as the lead blocker.

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Brandon McManus

Kicker | Nails 65-yard Field Goal

The biggest gripe from Broncos Country since it was announced that Manning's most recent "idiot kicker" got released has been McManus hasn't proved he can hit 50-yard field goals with no time left to give Denver the game and win.

Well, McManus does one better.

He not only hits the game-winning field goal he does so from 65 yards.

So McManus hits the game-winner for the Broncos and breaks the NFL record in one kick.

Are we really still talking about a kicker on a team with Manning?

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Broncos Offensive Line

Yes | They Will Run Block

Not only will the Denver front five run block, they will do so to the tune of over 200 yards rushing.

One of the ways they will do that, to make Alfred Williams happy, is to use Manning on designed quarterback draws.

It's the Tim Tebow offense, otherwise known as the "read option."

Since Fox his channeling his inner Kelly, this is the game plan to offset the Cardinals' blitz-happy defense. They will never expect Manning to run the read option.

Williams said earlier this week that not only is Manning weak, he's not enough like Phillip Rivers.

Foxy wants to do one better.

Since his offense hasn't been able to run the ball since Tebow was the Broncos quarterback, they're going to back to the well to make Big Al happy.

Manning will prove to Williams he can run, that he is tough and rush for over 100 yards in the process. Manning also will just complete two passes on four attempts.

He'll play like garbage for 58 minutes and then get bailed out by McManus' 65-yard field goal as time expires.

Then, Big Al will hit the radio on Monday saying Manning isn't enough like the "Old Peyton Manning."

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Fans In the South Stands

Remember | Who They are

There was a time when the South Stands were a fun place to watch a Broncos game.

You didn't sit the whole game.

You thought twice before you brought your kids or wore an opponents' jersey there.

It was loud and raucous. It defined the Broncos and Broncos Country.

The best way to describe it was "Sons of Anarchy" at Mile High.

That is until Denver moved out of Old Mile High and into Sports Authority Field. When it did, the atmosphere went with it.

Now, the South Stands aren't even a shell of what they once were.

I say that changes Sunday.

The South Stands, after years of being the whine and cheese crowd who snicker when someone blocks their view, awakens from its slumber and turns into what it once was.

At least with this last one, Broncos Country can keep dreaming because it will never happen.