Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Preview & Predictions

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Wide Receiver – Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Wes Welker

Projected stats: Thomas – 8 rec. 130 yards, 2 TD; Sanders – 6 rec. 95 yards, TD; Welker – 7 rec. 80 yards

The big three for the Broncos are going to be in full force on Sunday. I foresee Demaryius Thomas having a huge game, his biggest of the year by far on Sunday. I think Sanders, who has had two straight 100 yard games, can continue to give the Broncos a big play, vertical threat in the passing game. Where Welker is going to be huge is on third downs and in the red zone.

None of these three is ever a bad fantasy play. They all provide you with the option to explode, and as the Broncos proved last year, they know how to spread the ball around.