Five Broncos That Need To Raise Their Game

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Sep 21, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Denver Broncos free safety Rahim Moore (26), Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas (80), Denver Broncos strong safety David Bruton (30) come out of the locker room for pre game warmups against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The “other” Thomas in this offensive equation has been solid this season. He’s improved as a run blocker and is clearly a greater threat in the passing game for the Broncos.

Denver’s season opener against the Indianapolis Colts was really his only noteworthy night, where snagged three touchdowns in the first half and compiled over 100 yards receiving on seven catches.

He picked up Wes Welker and Demaryius Thomas’ slack and it was supposed to be a sign of things to come.

Now, Julius Thomas is still an absolute stud at tight end. He was a pleasant surprise for the offense last year and is a nightmare for defenses as far as mismatches go. The problem is the disappearing act he seems to have when the offense faces top-tier defenses.

In both matchups versus the Seahawks, Thomas has amassed a total of seven catches for 44 yards and one lone touchdown. That touchdown was a three-yard shovel pass.

If he is to receive the sizeable contract he so earnestly wants at seasons end, then he needs to raise his game to a higher level when met with stiffer competition.

This Sunday would be a good start.