Four Areas the Denver Broncos Can Improve After Bye Week

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2. More Aggressive Coaching, Please

From top to bottom, the Broncos have played the majority of their three games thus far in the ‘play not to lose’ mode. That couldn’t be more frustrating as a fan, but especially to see the talent this team has being limited by coaching decisions is particularly off-putting.

John Fox is notorious for being overly conservative, and this is not the team to take that approach with. Being and Iowa Hawkeyes fan, I know what vanilla looks like, and the Broncos are approaching that level of plain. I’m not saying to run flea flickers, but the Broncos certainly don’t take the Oregon Ducks approach of stepping on an opponent’s throat, kicking them when they’re down.

Don’t do it with poor sportsmanship, but on a week-to-week basis, the Broncos should be flexing their depth, their overall better group of athletes than any team they will face.