Four Areas the Denver Broncos Can Improve After Bye Week

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1. Fix the Running Game

The Broncos’ running game is really bad offensively. They are putting themselves in poor down-and-distance situations on first down, and for some reason they keep trying to run the ball in third and long situations. There have been no running lanes, though aside from a really poor showing against Seattle, they have managed a pretty solid yard per carry average.

That doesn’t change the fact that a lack of a consistent running game has hurt the Broncos’ offense beyond what they are allowing themselves to comprehend. They seem to be operating under the assumption that the running game will just inherently get better with more repetitions, when that’s not the case. The offensive linemen are not getting enough push, and Montee Ball is not finding the windows to run through.

The Broncos need to fix the running game, and they need to do it fast.